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» R1 Nitra-Tekovské Nemce motorway
R1 Nitra-Tekovské Nemce motorway
  • Slovakia
  • Concession company: GRANVIA SA
  • Project phase: operation
  • Contract duration: 30 years


VINCI Concessions has a 50% interest in the concession company, Granvia SA, which has signed a contract covering design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the R1 motorway.


This is Slovakia’s first PPP contract.


The PR1BINA expressway is a 52 km two-lane dual carriageway, comprising 46 km between Nitra and Tekovske Nemce and the 6 km bypass to the north of Banska Bystrica.


Granvia Operations, a wholly owned subsidiary of VINCI Concessions, is in charge of operating the infrastructure. The works, with a value of around €900 million, were executed by a consortium led by Eurovia.


The first 46 km were delivered and opened to traffic by Granvia in October 2011. Before doing so, however, the company organised an open day that attracted 12,000 visitors.


The 6 km bypass will be completed and opened in the summer of 2012.