Working at VINCI Concessions Working at VINCI Concessions will allow you to pursue a fulfilling and empowering career including stimulating training programs and internal mobility opportunities.

Our Values, Our Company Culture

Our pioneering spirit is the first and greatest asset of VINCI Concessions, the common thread between all the values we stand for. We were early believers in PPP and the concession model, we have applied it successfully in 18 countries and we still continue to expand our reach. Our bold strategy has made us Europe’s 1st concessionary; the 1st private airport operator in the world with VINCI Airports; the 1st concessionary in Germany’s toll road sector and the first road operator in Russia with VINCI Highways. We are proud to be the very 1st private company to operate a high-speed line in France with VINCI Railways.

We are open-minded. Our dedication to the great challenges of global mobility, our openness with our stakeholders and our receptivity for external insight combine into a constant drive for innovation.

We are committed. Commitment exemplifies our proactive philosophy, our engagement to satisfy all stakeholders, but also by the generosity of our staff in the efforts they put into each mission. It is made manifest in the particular attention we devote to safety matters and the sustainable development of each of our infrastructure.

You will enjoy working with us