What sets us apart Optimising the performance of the public services entrusted to us

What we think

Against a backdrop of cuts in public spending, the increasing recourse to public private partnerships – PPPs – is a growth driver for the VINCI Group’s concessions business in France and around the world. VINCI Concessions, specialising in transport infrastructure and public facilities, stands out as a result of:

  • its international expansion beyond Europe, targeting the most buoyant business activities and markets.
  • its commitment as a private partner for public benefit. We operate throughout the value chain of an infrastructure project: design-build, financing, operation and maintenance.
  • its ability to devise the best financing solutions at lowest cost. We draw up innovative financing solutions that achieve the balance and efficiency required to make these projects a success.

An international player

Operating in 18 countries around the world, VINCI Concessions sets up a customised local organisation in each country location.

VINCI Concessions adapts to each local and cultural environment by setting up a decentralised organisation coordinated by a Country Manager, notably in Germany, Greece, Slovakia, Russia and the United States.

VINCI Concessions calls on local companies and works with Group companies already operating in the country to carry out the projects entrusted to it.

This organisation reflects the VINCI Group’s resilient integrated concession-construction model, which boosts the overall performance of each public infrastructure concession.

Building on the VINCI Group’s integrated concession-construction model and decentralised organisational structure, VINCI Concessions operates throughout the entire value chain: design-build-finance-operate-maintain. VINCI Concessions currently has five divisions operating in the fields of motorway and road infrastructure, airports, railways, stadiums and parking. In future, its priority will be to further expand this model in terms of business activities and international expansion by moving into additional markets.

One-of-a-kind expertise in the public transport and public facility PPP market

Structuring the best financing solutions for the projects entrusted to us

To raise the investments required for our clients’ projects, VINCI Concessions’ financial engineering teams devise innovative long-term financing solutions. Building on a solid track record in financial project closing and fund raising, VINCI Concessions enables public authorities and financial investors to control construction risks and generate long-term revenue. VINCI Concessions also stands out as a result of its expertise in the search for investors and financial institutions. The goal is to identify partners who will contribute to the financing of projects at lowest cost by demonstrating to them that:

  • the project will be delivered on time and on budget
  • the infrastructure will generate the revenue required to repay the debt.