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In France, Portugal, Cambodia, Chile, Brazil, Japan and in the Dominican Republic.

VINCI Airports

In France and outside France, VINCI Airports has built on its expertise as a comprehensive integrator to manage a broad network of 35 airports worldwide, with 12 in France, 1 in Brazil, 10 in Portugal, 3 in Cambodia, 1 in Chile and, beginning in 2016, 2 in Japan and 6 in the Dominican Republic.

To meet the expectations of concession-granting authorities, airlines and passengers, VINCI Airports prioritises a proactive operation policy that focuses on expanding routes and traffic and providing non-aeronautical services. In 2016,VINCI Airports opened more than 224 new routes and served more than 132 million passengers .

VINCI Airports in figures

airports managed worldwide 35

partner airlines serve the airports Over 200

million passengers in 2016 Over 132

new routes 224

billion revenue €1,05

employees worldwide Over 11,000

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VINCI Airports Activity Report 2016

Key Date

  • 28.07.2017 Signing of the concession contract for Salvador airport in Brazil

  • 09.11.2016 Finalization of the acquisition of Aéroports de Lyon

  • 11.04.2016 Acquisition of AERODOM, concessionaire of 6 airports in the Dominican Republic

  • 01.04.2016 Awarding of the concession contract for 2 Japanese airports: Kansai International and Itami

  • 01.10.2015 Start of operations at Santiago de Chile airport

  • 09.17.13 Acquisition of ANA, the Portuguese airports concession company

  • 1995 First airport concession for 2 airports in Cambodia: Phnom Penh and Siem Reap

VINCI Airports